DreamIT (Patented)

SleepX Wristband

DreamIT is your ultimate sleep companion. A non-intrusive, stylish wristband, DreamIT uses a combined vibration motor and sensor system to measure real-time physiological data including: pulse, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, etc. The data from the wristband is recorded in the SleepX phone app for analyzing and storage.


App Startup Screen

No To Snoring Forever

After our proprietary algorithms properly analyze all data in real time, the app activate the vibration mechanism on the wristband, with the right intensity and for the meeded duration. The gentle vibration trains your brain to breathe correctly.

Over a short amount of time, your brain and body use bio-feedback to teach themselves how to sleep in the correct position and breathe using proper technique, leading to improved night breathing over time.

SleepX Smartphone App

The SleepX app is the cornerstone of our sleeping solution that converts any user’s smartphone into a device for listening to a user’s breathing, in order to detect abnormal patterns and snoring. It also collects and stores all the physiological data from the DreamIT wristband’s measurement activity. By tracking your sleep pattern, the app uses machine learning to adapt the treatment and recommend improvements that woll.help you return to a health sleep cycle.

The user can also receive comprehensive statistical reports on their sleep quality and sleep health. Likewise, the app sends alerts to warn about critical health changes that require medical consultation and follow-up.


You’ll soon forget you ever had
trouble with sleep breathing!