Say Good-Night to Snoring. Once and For All.

SleepX’s revolutionary snoring solution, powered by cutting-edge patented technology. 
Unlike other products on the market, our breakthrough wearable device, the DreamIT Wristband, comes with multiple patents that specifically address the problem of snoring.
Combined with our intelligent Mobile app,
the DreamIT Wristband detects and analyzes your snoring patterns in real time.
Improve your sleep quality , Stop snoring with SleepX Today.

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Patented Technology at Your Hand

SleepX combines AI-based algorithms and our patented DreamIT wristband technology to turn any smartphone device into a sleep tracker.

Studies have shown that snoring and other sleep breathing disorders are linked with many (avoidable) health issues. With SleepX, users will wake up feeling more energized and relaxed as their brain and body use bio-feedback to learn how to sleep in the correct position and breathe properly, leading to improved night breathing over time.

After our proprietary algorithms analyze all data in real time, the app activate the vibration mechanism on the wristband, with the right intensity and for the meeded duration. The gentle vibration trains your brain to breathe correctly. Over a short amount of time, your brain and body use bio-feedback to teach themselves how to sleep in the correct position and breathe using proper technique, leading to improved night breathing over time.

Sleepx mobile application

The SleepX app is the cornerstone of our sleeping solution that converts any user’s smartphone into a device for listening to a user’s breathing, in order to detect abnormal patterns and snoring. It also collects and stores all the physiological data from the DreamIT wristband’s measurement activity. By tracking your sleep pattern, the app uses machine learning to adapt the treatment and recommend improvements that woll. help you return to a health sleep cycle. The user can also receive comprehensive statistical reports on their sleep quality and sleep health. Likewise, the app sends alerts to warn about critical health changes that require medical consultation and follow-up.

Our Intellectual property:

US 7,866,212  – High-sensitivity sensors for sensing various physiological phenomena, Particularly useful in anti-snoring apparatus and methods.
US 2020/1193423 – Estimation of sleep quality parameters from whole night audio analysis.
US 7,716,988 – Apparatus for use in controlling snoring and sensor unit Particularly useful theren.
US 2015/0119741 – Apparatus and method for diagnosing sleep quality.
US 9,844,336 | EP2608717 – Apparatus and method for diagnosing obstructive sleep apnea.
US 20190298271  – Methods and systems for estimation of obstructive sleep apnea severity In wake subjects by multiple speech analyses.
US 020150351663 – Determining apnea-hypopnia index ahi from speech.
WO2021214735A1 WIPO (PCT)  – System and methods for snoring detection and preventions.

SleepX's Accurate Sensors Train People As They Sleep To Get The Air They Need


The SleepX Method


DreamIT wristband houses a vibration motor and sensors that measure real-time physiological data such as movement, pulse, blood oxygen level, and blood pressure.


The wristband sends the data to the SleepX app on your smartphone, which also listens to your breathing rate and detects snoring.


The app’s unique algorithms combine all data in real time, deciding when to activate the vibration, at what intensity, and its duration.


The gentle vibration takes you out of deep sleep into a lighter phase, a transition that trains your brain to breathe properly over time. ​


By tracking your sleep patterns, the app use machine learning to adapt the treatment and recommends improvements to your sleep pattern and breathing habits.

Customers Say


Users wear DreamIT like any regular wristband and the SleepX app sits on the user’s smartphone, which only requires that the phone’s microphone face the user as they sleep.


The app combines all data in real time to decide when and at what intensity to activate the DreamIT wristband’s vibrations that gently take the user out of deep sleep and train their brain to breathe properly.

Comprehensive Reporting

Users can receive reports on their sleep health and quality as well as receive alerts about critical health changes that require consultation or medical follow-up.

DreamIT Wristband - wearable technology for the treatment of snoring, brought to you by SleepX

SleepX Wristband

DreamIT is your ultimate sleep companion. A non-intrusive, stylish wristband, DreamIT uses a combined vibration motor and sensor system to measure real-time physiological data including: pulse, blood oxygen level, blood pressure, etc. The data from the wristband is recorded in the SleepX phone app for analyzing and storage.


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