AppYea is a healthtech company commercializing a breakthrough wearable technology for the treatment of snoring and developing wearable solutions to diagnose and treat sleep apnea. 

The company’s solutions are based on its proprietary IP portfolio of AI and sensing technologies for the tracking and analysis of breathing patterns, vital signs and other physiological parameters during sleep, designed for greater accuracy at lower and affordable cost.

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Consumer Product (entering commercialization phase)

DreamIT: Biofeedback snoring treatment wristband, used in combination with the SleepX App

Medical Devices (seeking 510(k) approval)

SleepX PRO App: Smartphone medical application, with a unique algorithm, for the diagnosis of Sleep Apnea 

DreamIT PRO: Wristband for the treatment of Sleep Apnea using biofeedback in combination with the SleepX PRO App