Snoring in children is a common and usually underestimated problem. Recent study published from Sahlgrenska Academy determines that most parents are not aware of possible risks. Periodic snoring is typical but, when it becomes persistent, it affects sleep quality. As a consequence, it leads to daytime sleepiness and fatigue, problems with concentration, learning difficulties, delayed growth, bedwetting, and so forth.

There were studied the occurrence of snoring in 1300 children aged between 0-11 years. The study showed that nearly 5 % of the participants snored several times a week and only one third of them sought for medical help. Also, the study indicates that continuous snoring affects children’ life quality and emphasizes the need for parents to be aware of the adverse affects of this condition and seek medical attention in time. One of the most common reasons for snoring in children is enlarged adenoids or tonsils. If this is the case, snoring can be effectively cured with surgery. Researchers advice that children experiencing severe snoring should turn to healthcare centers for medical support.

G Gudnadottir, A Ehnhage, M Bende, M Andersson, A Cervin, L O Cardell, J Hellgren. Healthcare provider contact for children with symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing: a population survey. The Journal of Laryngology & Otology, 2015.

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