Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by frequent pauses in breathing that last for more than 10 seconds. Each time the episode repeats, the person experiences lack of oxygen and night waking. The pauses in breathing mean that this condition can put the health at great risk or even be life-threatening.

This disorder can be of two kinds, obstructive and central. The first kind implies blocking of the airway when sleeping while the second kind refers to the act of your brain as it sends the wrong signal to the muscles and consequently causes you to feel stressed out and restless every next day.

Loud and gurgling sound is the most obvious symptom. Aside from this, those having sleep apnea experience morning headaches because of inability to get the right amount of rest. Other symptoms include urinating, frequent mood changes, impotence, depression, and dry mouth. Moreover, all these symptoms lead to a sleepy condition and irritation during the day.

The right thing to do to encounter the problem is to accept the sickness as this is the only way to find causes and solutions to the problem. It is vitally important to take the matter seriously. If neglected, this may cause you other ailments like diabetes, heart problems or high blood pressure.

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